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Growth, integration, and market knowledge in the water space.

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Founded in 2011 and operating near the shores of the Great Lakes, SplashLink’s mission is to establish the new standard for how water industry professionals, solution seekers, and financiers access funding, expertise, and market intelligence to accelerate how water-related issues are addressed within the highly fragmented and increasingly stressed global water industry.


By providing affordable and scalable online tools that enable insight and connection at a moment’s notice, SplashLink helps industries and communities to significantly reduce the cost and increase the speed of deploying best-fit solutions across the globe.


Whether dealing with industrial process water, municipal infrastructure, or emergency response, SplashLink provides water solution buyers and sellers with quick and easy “one-stop shop” access to capital, bidding opportunities, networking, and real-time market insights based on the actual behavior of the industry.

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Investment and Partnership Opportunities

SplashLink is poised to be the leading source of business transactions and market intelligence for the most significant economic growth-market since the oil boom. To date, SplashLink has designed, built, launched and staffed a suite of product offerings incorporating LinkedIn®- and eBay® -like design within a stable, globally scalable online marketplace of over 65,000 industry projects and more than $10 billion in undeployed funding opportunities to date. As SplashLink hosts business transactions across the water industry to do for the water industry what Priceline® did for travel, SplashLink is able to provide unprecedented global market intelligence and predictive analytics based upon the actual behavior of the market.

As we move into the next phase of development we are looking for strategic partners and investors. With subscriber growth rising steadily, a joint-development agreement with a global industry manufacturer, it is not surprising that there is interest in syndication from players overseas. Contact us to be part of this exciting new venture.

Ebie Holst
Founder & CEO

Missy Hayes
Director of Strategic Development

(216) 591-9150


April Burcham
All-Service Contracting Corp.

  The platform is amazing! With the jobs we've won because of SplashLink, the service has more than paid for itself. We recently renewed because we wouldn't want to go back to working without it.  


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