ECHO by SplashLink
For Disaster Response & Recovery

SplashLink’s proprietary Emergency Notification and Response System is designed to expedite the deployment of materials, equipment, and services to disaster-affected communities for restoring water and wastewater services. *

Who We Serve


Road Closed

Impacted Organizations

  • Coordinate with Emergency Response Agencies.
  • Post requests for emergency technology, equipment, and services to get needs directly in front of potential solution providers.
  • As responses come in, track organizations of particular interest that meet criteria for response and follow-up.
  • Make use of identity protection tools to provide a buffer to vendor swarm; back-up email monitoring can be provided by SplashLink staff (Fees Apply)


Flood Pumps

Organizations with Solutions

  • Access emergency requests for equipment and services as soon as they’re available.
  • Establish a profile highlighting brand and offerings for direct visibility to Requestors; self-identify as having offerings that meet specified vetting criteria.
  • Receive immediate notification of additional requests and updates around needs for technology, equipment, and services.
  • Communicate through fully monitored channels for inquiries and responses around specific requests.



* During severe emergency circumstances (e.g. natural disasters and related events) fees may be waived for a limited period (approx. 60-90 days).


Vetting and Tracking Protocol

Vet vendors using specific criteria while bookmarking and tracking relevant vendor profiles.


Access to Potential Funding

Search, bookmark, and track capital opportunities for disaster relief, emergency response, and related support.


Outreach & Response

SplashLink can request responses from clusters, industry associations, industry publications, potential vendors/contractors, and select national press channels.



For Further Information, Please Contact:

Missy Hayes
(440) 336-0328