Principals & Distributors

Seamless communication and all the information you need in one place.

You Rely on Each Other but Your Needs Are Not the Same

Principal-Distributor connection simplifies communication and includes features such as real-time sales forecasting, and allows you to export data for analysis so that you can better manage your company’s flow of information across your entire network.

Principals Are Hungry for the Data They Need to Plan Production and Forecast Reliably

SplashLink provides insights and communication tools that you never thought were possible.

Distributors and Reps Want to Spend Less Time Reporting and More Time Selling

Project data that is auto-filled and one-click communication provide more information in a fraction of the time.

With SplashLink, It's Easy

SplashLink enables everyone and everything to effortlessly connect on a single platform.

  Real-Time Insights

View, track, and manage the activity across your entire network. No more surprises and no more missed opportunities.

  Nurture Relationships

Know where you are most active and discover where your efforts can be best directed. Yield more for yourself and your partners.

  Boost Productivity

Access prospect contacts, gain competitive insights, track tradeshows, bookmark RFPs and more on one platform.

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