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Isle Utilities
Independent Technology and Innovation Consultancy

Isle Utilities is an independent technology and innovation consultancy focusing on clean tech and disruptive technologies in water. Isle has a strong track record in identifying and qualifying emerging technologies and accelerating their market uptake through Isle’s global innovation forum – the Technology Approval Group (TAG). The TAG model was first launched in the UK in 2005, and over the last 10 years it has expanded into global markets. In addition to TAG, Isle Utilities’ services provide around technology identification, due diligence, commercialization, and innovation programs. Clients range from public utilities, private water companies, R&D managers and technology firms, government and non-profits, and the investment community.

  • News & Information
Water World
Homepage of WaterWorld Magazine, Industrial WaterWorld and Water & Wastewater International which provides news and technology information for the water and wastewater industry all over the world.
Circle of Blue
An international network of leading journalists, scientists and communications experts that presents the information necessary to respond to the global freshwater crisis.
Water Webster
Provides news, research and information on drinking water and wastewater free of charge.

  • Market Analysis
Global Water Intelligence
Provides market-leading analysis of the international water industry.
Frost & Sullivan
Provides a range of reports and projections on water and wastewater industry and market activities.

  • Science & Technology
Water Tech Online
Homepage of the publishers of Water Technology® Magazine and WaterTech e-News Daily™.
Provides news, views and contacts from within the global water industry.
EPA Water Science & Technology
Provides news and information on water science and technology developments.
Working With Water
Provides science and technology information for a range of water sectors.
Drinking Water Engineering and Science
Leading scientific open-access journal for the publication of original research in drinking water treatment. The focus is on fundamental and applied research in water sources, substances, drinking water treatment processes, distribution systems and residual management.
Desalination & Water Reuse
Covers engineering aspects of desalination and water reuse from municipal water supplies through to industrial needs. It delivers practical information and news on projects, materials, equipment and research with sections devoted to the International Desalination Association and IDA affiliates, worldwide.
Inland Water Biology
An overview of journal articles related to water biology research across journal sources.

  • Market Investment Activity
Provides water industry, stocks and investment news from around the world.
Calvert Global Water Fund
A diversified portfolio of water-related companies. Professional management by experienced and knowledgeable investment management professionals delivers an actively managed portfolio of carefully researched and selected investments.
S-Network Global Water Indexes
Comprises the businesses of managing water supply and treating wastewater for various types of end users – residential, industrial, commercial, or agricultural.

  • Laws, Standards & Regulations
U.S. Laws & Regulations
An EPA resource overviewing U.S. federal laws and regulations.
U.S. Water Quality Standards
Provides an overview of the water quality-based pollution control program mandated by the CWA.
U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
Provides an overview of SDWA laws and regulations.
U.S. Groundwater Rule
Provides an overview of the GWR.
U.S. Water Reclamation & Reform Act of 1982
Provides statute and regulation information pertaining to the RRA, including fact sheets, forms and instructions available for download.
U.S. Underground Injection Control Program
Outlines regulations related to the construction, operation, permitting and closure of injection wells that place fluids underground for storage or disposal.
U.S. Source Water Protection
Provides information on regulations regarding source water.
U.S. Stormwater Management
Provides technical and regulatory information around the management of stormwater, and the NPDES program.
U.S. Effluent Guidelines
Summarizes limitations regarding the discharge of wastewater to surface waters and municipal sewage treatment facilities.
U.S. Pretreatment Standards & Limits
Outlines prohibited discharges, categorical pretreatment standards and local limits for industrial users and non-domestic sources of wastewater.
U.S. Water Resilience
Provides a range of publications around the security of water sources and systems.

  • International Laws & Regulations
Water Law & Standards
a joint partnership between the the UN, FAO and WHO, which enables country-by-country search and/or comparison of water laws and water-quality standards.
International Water Law Project
Summarizes international water law and policy issues. IWLP's purpose is to educate and provide relevant resources to the public and to facilitate cooperation over the world’s fresh water resources.
International Water Pollution Regulation
Provides examples international laws related to water pollution, which primarily prohibit the dumping of waste or hazardous materials at sea, and regulate oil spillage from sea vessels.
Regulation of Water & Wastewater Services
Provided by IWA WaterWiki, compares standards and practices of 136 water service regulatory authorities that span more than 50 countries.
WHO Standards for Drinking Water and Water Sanitation
As outlined by WHO, provides a global reference on quality standards, and limits on substances for water sanitation and drinking water.
China Water Regulations & Laws
Provides an overview of key water and related laws and policies in China.
European Commission Drinking Water Directive
Overviews the standards for drinking water across the European Union. Europe Urban Wastewater Treatment regulations as outlined for the European Union. Regulations and policy information regarding public water supply and sanitation are also available.
India Water Law
Provides an overview of existing and proposed reforms (as of 2007) across India, as identified by the EIRC.